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I have a standard invoice / invoice detail form / subform relationship. On the detail subform, the sku field is enabled to delete the record on the double click event. The code works as expected except that when I return to the subform the last remaining sku replaces the first sku (of the invoice detail). I've traced code to see if there is anything in the double click event that could cause this, and there is not.
Any suggestions?
have you tried requerying the subform after you delete the record?
o test just press F9 after you delete the record. F9 will requery your form, but you will want to replace this with VBA.
me.requery is part of the code to delete the record.
I'm in the process of rebuilding the sub form.
Are you using LinkChild and LinkMaster to make the subform update based on a control from the main form.
Select statement calls the main form; single table query populates the subform; links are by invoicenumber unique key parent child.
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