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For the past 2 months, I've been tolerating a regular error "File not found: VBA6.DLL" that occurs when certain form buttons are clicked. It results in the VB editor opening to a specific event. I can't see any difference between that event and an archived version that is working.
ntil yesterday, this was only happening on one of two networked towers, both running XP Home. Having (foolishly) edited the form on the error prone tower, the errors now show up on both towers. I have a backup of the database but it is a couple of months old. Appending all the data is not something I'd like to do. Not all forms in the database cause the error.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Are all updates & SP of MS Windows and MS Access installed?
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Luc aka Kuifjexx
Updates have been installed. SP2 was installed 6 months ago and quickly removed. It caused so many port errors and other almost irrepairable damage that even Dell was suggesting uninstalling. I don't think its an OS problem as my archived database (last edited Feb 05) works without a hitch. I've been trying (without success) to find the difference in the forms, modules or other db objects in the two databases.
As a precursor to my fixing, this database is a massaged (more reports, forms, queries & tables) version of the Access Wizard created "Order Entry" database.
On order to sidestep this problem, I appended my historical data to an older backup copy of the database that was working properly. My first attempt at appending the data resulted in the last customer showing up with his only order showing in his customer record. The shipping costs were connected but the products were not. This was found to be due to missing numbers in the tables caused by deleted records and the autonumbering continues numbering as if the deleted record was still there.
A new appending was done with the results - all customers added to the historical data show up but not their related orders, even though the orders & details are present in the tables. One exception to this. If the customer had a company name, the related order details show. I'm stuggling to find the missing relationship link and in what object. Would it be a table, form or SQL statement?
To reiterate, customers & orders of the original database backup are behaving as is the new customer & related order details that I entered after the appending. The problem only exists with the appended customers (without a company name field input).
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