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HELP, I am pulling my hair out and my dog is mad at me because I am ignoring her until I get this fixed.
My form keeps dropping my decimal places and rounding the number up or down. This is driving me insane.
I have tried setting the table value to
Long Int.
Long Int. /w 2 decimal places
Decimal with 2 decimal places
I even tried to filter them in the table itself but nothing seems to work.
One thing to note, each time a field is updated, it adds up all the fields together into a total box.
Why is it dropping my decimals?
Cause its a Int or decimal don't ask me why it just does. I set the number variables to double or single (double for preference) and hey presto your decimals appear.
How go pay attention to your dog.
Try setting the data type to Single in your table...........
Not sure what you mean by 'One thing to note, each time a field is updated, it adds up all the fields together into a total box.' ?
now of course you probably want more info that that
o here microsofts explanation of decimal places on forms:
The DecimalPlaces property provides a default setting, Auto, and the option to specify from 0 to 15 decimal places. When set to Auto, fields with Format property settings of Currency, Fixed, Standard, Percent and Scientific display two decimal places. The DecimalPlaces property has no effect unless the field or control has a Format property setting.
So you have to have a format property setting before you begin. I still prefer double as int has given me no end of trouble with decimal places. There was once a reference chart in Help that showed the ranges available to each number data type but i'll be stuffed if i can find it now. go microsofts search engine - woohoo
Thank you everyone for all of your help. You make dB fun!
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