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I've created a database which has two tables, ClientList and MatterList. These tables are linked together with a one to many relationship using the ClientID field. I've created a form which shows the client information with a subform showing the related matters for that client. Each table has a Autonumber field as the primary key and both have ClientID which is what I'm using for the relationship.
My problem is, when I open the form to add a new entry, I can enter all information, including updating the subform, except I cannot enter a ClientID in the main form which is a required field. As far as I have been able to tell, everything is set to allow edits, additions, and deletions. I've had this same setup in other versions of Access which worked fine.
Any help would be appreciated.
If the main form and subform are linked using ClientID, how do you create a new subform record without first saving the mainform . . . to provide the linking key?
The subform is within the main form. In the past (Access 2000), when I would enter the ClientID in the main form it would automatically enter that same information into the ClientID field in the matter subform. Now, I cannot enter the ClientID in the main form. I have to open the table itself to enter new information instead of entering new information in the main form. The ClientID field in the main form is the only field that does not allow me to enter information when I select to add a new client.
I wish I could be of more help . . .
The only thing that comes to mind is that if you've got a main form with a join on an ID on the main form and then a new record in the subform, access is probably having trouble reconciling the join since both new records need to be on a ClientID that appears doesn't exist until entered.
Hopefully, somebody else can see the dilemma . . .
Thanks, I figured this out for myself. I had conflicting Format and Input Mask fields.
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