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I'm sure this is simple; but being on a tight deadline this morning, I need a quick fix. I'm looking for a telephone # input mask that will hold a 4-digit extension, preceded by an "x" or an asterisk, but will not show the "x" or asterisk unless there is extension entered. Is this doable?
Opersonally think that it would be easier to just create a second field in the same table where you hold the phone number for the extension. That add a second field to the form make the input of the first one a phone number and the second an extension however you like the format.
Good luck.
where is morning for you? Not really morning anymore in boston or san francisco frown.gif
i would have just added an extra field; buth there isn't space for it on the form they're using. do you know if this can be done with an input mask?
i'm in emeryville, ca right now. that's pretty much san francisco. it's not really technically morning anymore; but today's definition of morning is "arrival through lunchtime", although that is subject to change day-to-day.
Well you could use:
but the x will show no matter what. even if nothing is entered. but at least it gives you an option to either enter an extension or leave it blank and just have a phone number.
Figured you must be somewhere on the westcoast. I guess everything before lunch is morning.
Good luck.
You can create your own input mask in the table design for that field. Just go to the field you want to edit, then go to the "Input Mask" field at the bottom and click in it. When the "..." appears next to the field, click on it. Say yes to saving the table, then click on "Edit List" in the window that results.
You can see that the list of input masks already there are from an access database. Just go to the end and add a new one - name it, add the mask info based on the phone number AND extension masks that are already in there. It should work.
p.s. I am using Windows 2000 as opposed to xp, so it may function a bit differently, but should still be possible.
Good luck
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