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Any suggestions on how to change the column headings on a form that is displayed in datasheet view so that it will show "user friendly" headings instead of my control names (e.g. txtLName, txtFName, etc).
know I could do it by just changing the control names, but I don't want to break my naming conventions.
In the table design, enter a user friendly name for the field in the fields Caption property
Tried that and it is still showing my original control names from when I designed the form. Other suggestions?
You need to reset the form or design a new one after you have made the caption changes, it won't pick up the change for existing forms automatically (at least I dont know how)
I've done what you're looking to do . . .
Add the 'user friendly' name in the Name property of the textbox.
That's what will appear on the form displayed within a subform control.
uh? What subform? I thought he was in a form in datasheet view?
The last time I checked, The headings in that view are retrieved only from the tables design and he can use the Caption to give the field name a friendly name.
After changing the captions in the table, I used the form wizard to create the form and it does provide the table caption names in datasheet view on the form. Fortunately, this was a simple form, but it seems like there has to be a way to do it once the form is already created........
For future reference, as was suggested you can change the name text to whatever you want in the properties of each control There is no need to change the caption text at the table level nor is there a requirement to create a new form.
John - Thanks, but it defaults to the name of the text box, etc. when you switch to datasheet view regardless of the name used in the properties of the controls.
John - I realized where I was running into a problem - I had deleted the label in design view that was associated with the control - as a result, the only thing that could show was the field name.
For what it's worth . . . I have a subform on a tab control that's in datasheet view.
And the user friendly headings are 'Name' property of the txtbox.
The control source, for example is: InvoiceDescription
While the Name is: Description (and that's what appears in the header row)
Odon't have captions for the txtboxes . . . so I'm not sure that's an issue.
But when the subform loads, the headings are the Name I've used for the textbox.
What this the question at thand?
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