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I've got a report with a (linked) subreport on it. It's a Client whose list of related contacts is shown below the client in a subreport.
verything's perfect in the print preview. But when I try to print, the subreport prints as if it was never tied to the main report, and I get every record from its underlying table rather than just the ones matching the Client above it. The exact same problem occurs when I try to export the report as a Word file or a snapshot file.
I do not have the Link Child/Master Fields properties set on the subreport; I can't with the way the data is being programatically pulled from a SQL Server. But Why in the world would the printout not match the perfect beauty showing in the print preview??? Can I do anything about this?
Hope someone can help.
-Ed H.
I use subreports all the time . . . but not on a SQL server.
When I first read your post, I thought first that not linking the keys creates the problems . . . but you noted that you can't on data from the SQL server.
Is there some way to pass a parameter to the underlying subrpt qry to just return the records for the Client you're interested in?
HAs far as the print out being different . . .haven't run across that one. Have you tried doing the report on a access backend to see if it's a SQL server issue?
I hope maybe someone here has had this issue before . . . that can help you directly.
I appreciate the try.
But again, the report showing up on the screen is absolutely fine. I do, indeed, pass a parameter to the subreport's underlying query that's equivalent to the main report's parameter (all done through pass-thru queries). My problem isn't the data at all, it's what happens when I attempt to print.
hi there - I will throw out one example of when/why the preview looks great and the print out bad....if the report width is beyond 6.5 (given auto border of 1)... then it looks great on the screen but doesn't fit into our 8.5 USA wide paper and therefore the actual print out is funky.....
While I don't think this is the fix per se in your case it may help open up the brain cells as to consider if there are formating aspects of your object that only surface in print mode.
definitely I would open the subreport in standalone mode (not within the main report) and initiate a trial print of it unto itself...that might help surface whether there are formating issue of the subreport by itself or not.....
obviously I'm flailing about and hope this doesn't cause you to spin wheels in the wrong direction....NT
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