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Im trying to Change the Value of a combo box in a subform on the after update of a combo box in the primary form but im not bump into a wall, for some reason it doesnt like my below syntax:
orms![frmnotes].Forms!frmvariablestest.form.cbobusiness = Me.Combo13
Search the site for 'cascading comboboxes' ...
Here is one post (out of many) about it.
I think your syntax is bad.
Try this instead:
Forms![frmnotes].[NameOfSubformControlGoesHere].form.cbobusiness = Me.Combo13
I agree with Frank. You have a synatx problem.
lso try this:
Forms![frmnotes].[frmvariablestest].form!cbobusiness = Me.Combo13
I have always used the ! where Frank has a .
Thanks for the respond, I found what I was doing wrong! I was trying to change a bound combo box! I found a work around. thanks
I'm glad you found the problem and found a way around it.
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