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Hello everybody,
I am new here. I have question. I have an excel .xls file with my musics collections all sorted out by a Disc Code, Song Title, Artist Name. I want to intergrate the .xls file into my webpage and make it searchable by either Song Title or Artist Name. is there a way to do it ??
Welcome to UA!
There are two basic ways to search

1) Do a find on the data withing the HTML. This is where you export you XSLS to html fomat.

2) create a page that will search the a data file and return the matching records. This usually is done with some king of database file. Excel can be searched with VB script if you are on a server that has Execl objects installed and has ASP.

It will depend a lot on the web server and operating system what you can do.
Hello Thank you for your reply. I really appreciated your help.
nyways, I have no idea which one of those Free website hosting place supports "Execl objects installed and has ASP". So that's out of the question. So I was thinking can I host my own site using my own computer? I would still want to do a search in my website and comes up with a matching record in .xls. So can I use my Win2k, or Win2k Advance Server, or XP-P, or 2003 ??? But I don't know any of those Operation System supports searching in a webpage.
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