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need to plot two data series on a chart. However they have different dates and I've been unable to plot both series with a sensible timescale. The data is as below:
First series
13/09/04 754
06/12/04 110
28/01/05 97
14/03/05 28
08/04/05 7
19/04/05 10
16/05/05 28
25/05/05 10
06/06/05 69
22/06/05 16
30/06/05 40
Second series
10/1/05 31
17/1/05 20
24/1/05 32
31/1/05 29
7/2/05 26
14/2/05 25
21/2/05 10
28/2/05 34
7/3/05 5
14/3/05 18
21/3/05 8
28/3/05 34
4/4/05 15
11/4/05 11
18/4/05 0
25/4/05 28
2/5/05 13
9/5/05 27
16/5/05 20
23/5/05 28
30/5/05 34
6/6/05 8
13/6/05 36
20/6/05 19
I've attached a picture of what I've managed to do so far, with the values to demonstrate how wonky they're going!
Thanks for any help anyone can give...
Hi Becki,
That kind of time scale are you after? Are you trying to compare orders per month?
Yep, that's exactly what I want it to do. The timescale should be from the earliest date (from either series) to the latest date, again from either series.
I've managed to do it by creating a scatter graph for the first series, then adding the second series as a line graph. That way you have the dates already on the timeline. If you're lucky the scatter graph can have a line added to join the dots and it won't double back on itself! I've attached a picture. I don't know if there's a simpler way to do it? wary.gif
Thanks for your help! uarulez2.gif
Mabye something like this?
That second graph looks good. How did you make it do that? I already tried putting all my values in date order, but I guess I did it a bit differently.... wary.gif
Thanks for your help!
Hey Becki,
For each date you need a value in each data series either a quantity ordered or zero.
If you click on the second chart you will see the ranges used for each series and the axis.
I think it was the lack of zeroes when I tried it that made it go wrong! Still, now I know for next time frown.gif Thanks!
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