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I have a function (it converts julian to an excel date code) that works great expect for two limitations.
. It only works in my personal worksheet. It won't work in Book 1 or Book 2... etc...
2. The format comes in Excel format. I would like to have it in Gregorian Calendar date form (e.g. 3/11/2005)
Unfortunately I'm just a beginner so I'm not sure how to fix these problems. Could someone please help me?
Public Function Julian(s As String)
Dim yr As Integer, dt As Integer
s = Format(s, "000000")
yr = Left(s, 3) + 1900
dt = Right(s, 3)

Julian = DateSerial(yr, 1, dt)

End Function
You don't really need a UDF for this one. Check out Chip Pearson's site here .
A formula will be portable between workbooks and workstations. A UDF will have to be stored in an add-in or in the workbook itself.
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