Full Version: how to do LOOKUP without getting "#N/A" results
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I have two worksheets, 1 tab and 2nd tab. The 1st tab contains the list of zip codes(A column) and 2nd tab has the list of employees with their zip codes(zip code is in B column). I added a second column(B col) to the 1 tab with a value of '1' to all zip codes. On the 2nd tab, I have a formula "If( vlookup(b1,1st tab,2, false)=1, "eligible", "not eligible"). The problem is when a zip code is not listed in the 1st tab, it is giving me a result of "#N/A", which is right since the zip code from the 2nd tab is not listed in the 1st tab.
What I want or trying to do is, if zip code from the 2nd tab is not listed in the 1st tab, it will display in the 2nd tab across the zip code "not eligible". If listed will display'eligible".
Thanks in advance,
If(IsNA(vlookup(b1,1st tab,2, false)),"not eligible","eligible")
Thanks Danny for the help! Now my spreadsheet is working properly...
glad to help
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