Full Version: Passing a value from form as a parameter to a query??
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Hi all,
Can anybody explain how to pass a value which is in a drop down menu as a parameter to a query which will be the record source for a report...
On the criteria row of the query enter the expression Forms!Formname!controlname , substituting your form name and cotrol name. The form must be open when the query runs.
Adding to Glenn's post, I usually put a command button on the form that opens the query and/or report.
Ya, I have tried that... Attaching a sample dbase...
but here is what I am looking for...
The report displays all the case count for 12 months...and it is for different years...
Oneed a form that will accept year as input and will open the same report displaying records for only that year...
I hope I am clear.
I do not have the report working. However, I did manage to get the crosstab query to work using a date entered from the form. Crosstab queries are different animals from the normal run of the mill select queries.
I have attached my work. Form1 is the form that matters. I also changed the Crosstab query by putting an entry in the Parameters dialog box.
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