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Hello All!
I'm re-engineering a database application which was formerly used via linked odbc tables on a SQL Server, and now it uses linked access tables to an MDB on a mapped network drive.
The trouble I'm getting is certain controls (date fields, mostly) are visible, but can't be edited. The problem persists even when I open the full database directly.
Does this have something to do with two-way communication between the front-end database and back-end master on the mapped drive? Or is it something regarding the form itself. Thanks for any help you can provide!
One thing to check is the rules for updatable recordsets for your brand of Access. I can no longer remember what to type in for Access 2k, but try Updatable Recordsets. It should be something like that. If the recordset bound to the form is not updatable, then for sure none of the controls will be either.
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