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Access Basics Tutorial

Access Basics by Crystal (Strive4Peace) is a 100 page document with screen shots, designed for those of you with a thirst to understand the fundamentals of Access (with programming in mind ... whether you realize it or not ). If you are not a programmer (yet ), you will become one — because that is where the deepest power of Access gets unleashed.

Thanks also to the following UA VIPs for their valuable feedback: Brent Spaulding (datAdrenaline), John Mishefske (mishej), John Viescas (JohnLVMVP), Truitt Bradley (truittb), and Tom Wickerath (TomWickerath) ... and thank you Gord.

Access Basics chapters are saved individually as PDF files. There are 8 chapters and one for the TOC and List of Figures. Your browser will need a plug-in for Acrobat Reader -- so, if you have not yet installed it, allow your browser to go get it.

Here is a link to the page for looking at chapters: Access Basics

When you do open a chapter, from your browser menu, choose -->File, Print

Gather all the printouts together and put them where you won't lose them, like in a binder
Print out each chapter of Access Basics
Get a highlighter and a pencil,
Make some coffee or tea,
Get cozy in your favorite chair,
... and open your mind ...

Also, save each chapter to your local drive. After you read each chapter, open the electronic file and follow each link. Once you make it through these pages, you will also have discovered lots of fantastic resources that are wonderful and free :)

original article by strive4peace