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Action Queries

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Action Queries

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Basic Examples

Delete Queries

ACE Syntax [sql]DELETE * FROM tablename WHERE criteria[/sql]

ANSI Standard Syntax [sql]DELETE Field1, Field2 FROM tablename WHERE criteria[/sql]
You can delete all the data from a given table by supplying all (*) fields and no criteria. This is useful for temporary tables: [sql]DELETE * FROM tablename[/sql]

Note that the non-standard syntax allow you to join several tables and therefore specify which rows of single table to be deleted. Only one table's content can be deleted per a delete query: [sql]DELETE o.* FROM tblOrders AS o INNER JOIN tblCustomers AS c WHERE c.Inactive <> 0;[/sql] The query will delete all orders for inactive customers but will not delete the data about those inactive customers.

To achieve similar objective using standard syntax, which does not allow joining on a delete query, would be: [sql]DELETE FROM tblOrders WHERE EXISTS (

  FROM tblCustomers
  WHERE Inactive <> 0 AND CustomerID = tblOrders.CustomerID


Append Queries

There are two distinct syntaxes: a single record append query and a multiple record append query.

An example of a single record append query would be: [sql]INSERT INTO Tablename (Field1, Field2) VALUES (Value1, Value2)[/sql]

An example of a multiple record append query would be: [sql]INSERT INTO TargetTablename ("Field1, field2") SELECT FieldA, FieldB FROM SourceTablename[/sql]

Note that the SELECT portion of the multiple record append query can be any valid SQL statement.

Update Queries

[sql]UPDATE Tablename SET Field1=Value1, Field2=Value2 WHERE criteria[/sql]

Make Table Queries

[SQL]SELECT Tablename.Field1, Tablename.Field2, Tablename.Field3 INTO Newtable FROM Tablename;[/SQL]

Calling Methods

RunSQL vs Execute

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