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Add a Wiki Article (HowTo)

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Add a Wiki Article (HowTo)

1: Create the Page

First, put the following in a new browser window:


Replace Your_Page_Name_Here with the title of the page that you want to create. Any underscores in the URL will be converted to spaces when displayed in the article.

2: Edit the Page

Presumably the page does not yet exist, in which case you will see the following:


Click the "Edit this page" link as circled. This will show you the box where you enter your article. Take a look at a simple markup example.

Edit your page as desired. See the markup listing or UA Wiki Guidelines for more information on basic and advanced markups and technique. You can click the "Show Preview" button at the bottom of the edit box to preview the article. It is a good idea to copy the text in the box before saving or previewing in case there's any connection errors so you don't loose your work (at least to the clipboard: Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C).

3: Link the TOC and Save

Making your page show up in the Wiki Article Table of Contents and Access Wiki Index by putting the following at the very top of the page (this must be the first line in the markup as it also shows the page title!):


This calls a template that includes behind the scenes markup into your article and does the appropriate linking for you. Your editing will look like this:

 <td style="background-color:white; width: 5px; height: 50px;"</td>
(all the rest of your content here)

When you are done, click the Save button below the edit box. Optionally, if you want to make some short note about the page, enter it in the Summary textbox. This note will show up when looking at the list of Changes to the page (additionally, it will be flagged as a minor change if you click the "This is a minor change" textbox).

Your page should now show up in the Wiki Article Table of Contents and the Access Wiki Index.

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