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UA Wiki's Featured Content page highlights articles, functions, classes and other information that is particularly insightful and helpful to the community. Below is a list of content grouped by the date at which they were announced.


It's not very common that we find ourselves needing to convert the number 27 to "AA", or vice versa, but when faced with such a task, coding the function can be rather tricky. Esteemed UA member doctor9 shares these two excellent functions in our Function Library for converting back and forth between Base Ten and Base Letter values.

Using VBA to perform web-based tasks can provide a whole new horizon to our capabilities. Unfortunately, good documentation on how to go about this is rather rare. UA legend Ace and knowledgable dipetete have graciously contributed these two articles: the first describes how to make use of the HttpRequest class to request webpage information without the use of a browser, and the second provides an in-depth look and samples of browser automation as a key for even more functionality. Automate all of your redundant web-based tasks!

The TypeOf statement can be a real life saver in some coding situations, with no real alternatives, but have you ever tried to find built-in VBA Help on it? If you haven't, it resides at the very bottom of the If..Then..Else help file, almost as an afterthought, and is very sparing in its explaination. This article provides clear and concise information regarding the details of the elusive statement.

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