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Content Type Templates (Help)

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Content Type Templates are core templates that are included first in every managed wiki page. The template consolidates as much base information and markup as possible into a single template call, such as: page titles, default categories, specified subcategories and consistent page layouts.

Content Type Templates should always be on the first line of the page's markup!

Content Type Templates are used by enclosing the name in a set of double curly braces:


In the {{Article}} example, this automatically supplies a bold Page Title and inclusion to the Access Wiki Index and Table of Contents categories. It also includes less notable features such as the page's TOC management and other formatting layouts that should remain consistent throughout wiki Articles.

Additionally, subcategories can be defined through the Core Type Template without requiring further calls for category inclusion. Enter as many additional categories as you would like your page to appear in as parameters after the Content Type Template call:

{{Article|This Category|That Category}}

The above example would include everything that the {{Article}} call alone does, plus inclusion to the "The Category" and "That Category" category pages.

Standard Content Types
{{Article}} For use with Articles. Includes the Table of Contents and Access Wiki Index categories by default.

Other Content Types
{{Category}} For use with Category Pages. Includes standard text and jump links for category Table of Contents listings.
{{Help}} For use with help topics
{{Template}} For use with all Template Definitions

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