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Markup Listing (Help)

Below is an alphabetical listing of wiki markup and common tasks. This is a work in process and does not encompass every possible markup or task - if something is missing, please feel free to add it.

The UA Wiki is powered by the MediaWiki version 1.6.10, and complete help can be found at mediawiki.org. These links may be of particular interest:

Name Description Markup/Reference
Behavior Switches Keywords to force page behaviors See WikiMedia help on Behavior Switches
Bold Text Format text as bold '''Your Text Here'''
Category Links Add your page to a Category [[Category:Category Name]]
Code Block Insert a Code Block into the page [code]Your Code Here[/code]
Code Box Insert a Code Box into the page [Codebox]Your Code Here[/Codebox]
Color Text Make text a specific color [color=blue]Your Blue Text[/color]
Bold & Italic Text Format text as bold & italic '''''Your Text Here'''''
Edit Page Edit an existing page Navigate to the desired page and click the "Edit" button in the upper or lower right corner of the page
Escape Markup Escape the markup characters See NoWiki entry
Files, Attaching Attach files to the page See the Image Attachments help page for complete information on attaching images and files
Header Add a Header to the page == Large Header Text ==
=== Medium-Large Header Text ===
==== Medium Header Text ====
===== Medium Small Header Text =====
====== Small Header Text ======
Italic Text Format text as italic ''Your Text Here''
Indent Indent a line or paragraph : Indented x1
:: Indented x2
::: Indented x3
Line Break Insert an Line Break into the text <br> or <br/>
Link, Anchor (other page) Link to a subheading of a different wiki page [[Page Name#Subheading Name|Display Text]]
Link, Anchor (same page) Link to a subheading of the current page [[#Subheading Name|Display Text]]
Link, External Link to an external webpage [www.somewebpage.com Display Text]
Link, Internal Link to a wiki page [[Page Name|Display Text]]
List, Bulleted Display a bulleted list * First List Item
* Second List Item
* Third List Item
List, Numbered Display a numbered list # One
# Two
## Two point One
# Three
Magic Words Keywords and Syntaxes with special meanings See WikiMedia help on Magic Words
New Page To create a new page Enter the URL as follows:
Click "edit this page" in the message shown.
NoWiki Show markup characters instead of markup effect <nowiki>'''Show These Markup Characters'''</nowiki>
Parser Functions Get common data See WikiMedia help on Parser Functions
Show Markup Characters Show markup characters intead of markup effect See NoWiki entry
Redirect Redirect navigation to a different page #REDIRECT [[Target Page]]
SQL Box Insert SQL box into the page [sql]Your SQL Here[/sql]
Table Insert a table to the page Use html tags, or wiki markup which is explained here
Templates Use template markup See the Help article on Templates
Variables Get extended functionality See WikiMedia help on Variables

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