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WikiFAQ (Help)

How do I contact a moderator?
I want to contribute, but I've never used a Wiki before. Where can I start?
What is a Template? Do I need them? How do I use them?
Can I use comments in my markup?

Q: How do I contact a Moderator?
A list of moderators and the means to contact them can be found on the Moderators page. Additionally, any Forum Moderator can direct your questions or concerns to the appropriate person.


Q: I want to contribute, but I've never used a Wiki before. Where can I start?
We've written a number of articles and guidelines to help with the process. For an overview of the entire UA Wiki, take a look at the Wiki Sitemap. This will get you familiarized with the overall layout of the UA Wiki's structure.

In the Help Category you can find a number of HowTo articles for the quickest methods of adding your article or code samples. HowTo's also exist for editing content.

For more detail with regards to suggested formatting and content layout, the UA Wiki Guidelines encompasses everything we attempt to adopt as a standard.


Q: What is a Template? Do I need them? How do I use them?
Templates are reusable markup that can be applied to your page. They might be compared to VBA functions in the sense that you call them, sometimes with a parameter, and the return something to you. There's all sorts of things that templates can be used for. DisplayBoxes for instance are template driven. While you can write the markup to create a display box directly from your page, templates allow you to use a predefined format, with which you just pass it the text you want to appear inside the box, and the template "returns" all the markup required to make it happen as the page is displayed.

Templates are not a requirement for wiki editing, although it is recommended to be familiarized with them as they can make your editing life a lot easier. Anything that can be created and return via a template can be done directly on the page without using the template, so if there's concerns about them, feel free to disregard them.

To find more information about how to use templates, visit the help topic: Help:Templates. This article gives a description of how to call templates and supply parameters.


Q: Can I use Comments in my Markup?
You can! Include any comments you would like between these tags: <1-- Your Comments Here --> (except change the "1" to a "!")

Any text within those tags, regardless of how many lines apart the opening and closing tags are, will be completely ignored by the wiki engine.

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