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2012-08-28 UA Wiki Launches Featured Content

The UA Wiki has launched its first in a series of Featured Content. Periodically, content in the wiki will be chosen as being particularly helpful and insightful to the community and showcased here in the Featured Content page, as well as the main page News Feed. To see a list of featured content entries at any time, see the link in the Content category in the menu on your left.

2012-01-18 Wiki Talk now integrated with Forum Discussion

The Wiki Talk feature has been integrated with UA's Forum Discussions! Now, rather than using the traditional wiki talk pages for discussion of content, clicking the Talk button will take you to a dedicated thread in the Q & A - Access Wiki forum. This change will provide a much more intuitive and familiar environment for discussing all types of wiki content. Look for Wiki:PageName topics in the forums for wiki content discussion.

2012-01-15 Compact Version of Article Layout Guidelines Completed!

We are proud to announce that a compact version of the Article Layout Guidelines is completed and ready for use. This is a short, sweet and to the point rendition of the definitive Article Layout Guidelines to get you the basic information needed to create rich, high quality wiki articles. Meanwhile, the UA Wiki Guidelines are still in process, with Function and Class Library guides on the way. Stayed tuned for more!

The Articles section contains writeups on a wide variety of Access topics

Apps for Office

Access Apps for Office (AAFO) let you build HTML5/JavaScript controls for your Access Web Apps.

Function Library

The Function Library contains single procedures of VBA code that can be used in your projects

Class Library

The Class Library contains code and demonstration examples of various class modules and their usage.

API Reference

The quick reference API, Structure, Constant and Callback declarations will help you get your API solutions rolling as soon as possible. Each VB7 declaration example includes a link to the MSDN Documentation

Error Codes

This section contains a list of common error codes and information regarding the cause and resolution of them

Completion Required

These articles have been marked by the author as severely lacking. Stop in and help out by adding content.

Review Required

These articles have been flagged by authors or readers as requiring review. Take a skim through to see if it looks ok to you and remove the flag if it is.

Wanted Pages

The pages in this list are linked to elsewhere in the UA Wiki but do not yet exist. There's always plenty here, and even a short starter paragraph is helpful!

Dead Ends

The power of a wiki lies in it's ability to continuously link to more and more subjects. These pages have no links in them, and you can make a difference just by adding links to existing text, whether or not the linked page exists yet.

UA Wiki Help

Help Topics that have been written and tested specifically for the UA Wiki

Contribution Guide

A quick start guide on editing and contributing content to the UA Wiki

Markup Listing

An alphabetical listing of common wiki markups, tasks and techniques

MediaWiki Help

The UA Wiki is powered by MediaWiki whose help contents are here. Be careful of cross-version discrepancies when referring to external help

Terms of Use

The UA Wiki Terms of Use are identical to the Forum Terms. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read them


The Creative Commons Share-Alike License allows you to use Function Library entries in your applications


The Wiki Moderation Team is here to answer questions comments or concerns

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