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2012-08-28 UA Wiki Launches Featured Content

The UA Wiki has launched its first in a series of Featured Content. Periodically, content in the wiki will be chosen as being particularly helpful and insightful to the community and showcased here in the Featured Content page, as well as the main page News Feed. To see a list of featured content entries at any time, see the link in the Content category in the menu on your left.

2012-01-18 Wiki Talk now integrated with Forum Discussion

The Wiki Talk feature has been integrated with UA's Forum Discussions! Now, rather than using the traditional wiki talk pages for discussion of content, clicking the Talk button will take you to a dedicated thread in the Q & A - Access Wiki forum. This change will provide a much more intuitive and familiar environment for discussing all types of wiki content. Look for Wiki:PageName topics in the forums for wiki content discussion.

2012-01-15 Compact Version of Article Layout Guidelines Completed!

We are proud to announce that a compact version of the Article Layout Guidelines is completed and ready for use. This is a short, sweet and to the point rendition of the definitive Article Layout Guidelines to get you the basic information needed to create rich, high quality wiki articles. Meanwhile, the UA Wiki Guidelines are still in process, with Function and Class Library guides on the way. Stayed tuned for more!

2012-01-14 Category & Table of Content Organization

We've recently implemented a new look to some Category pages for increased consistency and organization. Currently the Help Category & Subcategories and the Templates Category & Subcategory pages are using the new look. Additionally, these two categories have been completely reorganized and subcategorized to help viewers drill down to specifics, or browse entries by topic. Article, Function Library, Class Library TOCs and the others are soon to follow!

2011-01-11 Code Archive Category Removed

After careful consideration, the wiki moderation team has chosen to remove the existing Code Archive category and link pages from the wiki. The original intention of having a listing of Code Archive entries was for categorizing the entries, but the new Categorized Table of Contents in the Code Archive forum does a very good job of this. However, if you have existing Code Archive entries and would like to convert them to Wiki articles, Functions or Classes, please feel free to do so.

2011-12-09 Article Layout Guidelines

The Wiki Moderators have undertaken a project to define a set of UA Wiki Guidelines for content contributions. This should help make the look and feel of all pages consistent with each other, providing a better reader experience, as well helping for contributors.

Currently the project is just underway, with the guidelines still being defined. You can follow the progress by periodically checking in on the page(s) while we work on it. We'll post another notice when the guidelines are complete, and as always, feel free to offer opinions!

2011-05-15 New Sections: Class Library and API Declarations

The UA Wiki introduces two new main categories: the Class Library and API sections. The Class Library is a list of example classes and demostration databases. The API section provides VB7 API declarations along with Structures, Constants and Callbacks for quick reference.

2011-05-10 Things To Do

A To-Do section has been added to the main page, giving us an easy reference for locating content that might need some work. Articles in these categories are ideal if you have a few minutes to proof read some text for typos or create a new wanted page. See the help page for instructions on how to add a page to the review and completion lists if you see a page that should be included.

2011-04-03 UA Wiki Updates its Main Page & Help Interface

The UA Wiki takes on a new look and feel as the main page is updated with a new layout and advancements are made in ways to make sure you have easy access to helpful information. UA now has a comprehensive User Contribution Guide and Help section to make it as easy as possible for editors and contributors. We hope that you find these changes will make your experience using the UA Wiki all that much better, and as always feel free to send a moderator your feedback so we can continue to improve for you!

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