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UA Wiki Guidelines

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Content Layout Guidelines
The Content Layout Guidelines exist in order to give each section of the UA Wiki (Articles, Function Library, Class Library, etc) a defined overall look and feel. Disregarding the textual details of the content, this leg of the Guidelines defines how a snapshot overview of the content would be structured.

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    Class Guidelines (Definitive)
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Text Formatting Guidelines
The Text Formatting Guidelines are intended to help maintain consistency among the actual textual content within the articles. With these guidelines we can all follow best practices for how to present the content. This saves much time and effort from writing, reviewing, trying to decide if it looks good, and repeating until you feel it's correct.

Markup Formatting Guidelines
Here, the heart of the content, is the markup used to create it. The Markup Guidelines can be considered instructions and best practices on How To Keep Your Head Straight When Dealing With The Mess Of Formatting Required To Make Your Content Look Good. Indeed, without a structured set of recommendations for dealing with markup, wiki authoring can seem a daunting task. These guidelines are in place to show the easiest and most efficient ways of getting everything done.

This article can be considered the starting point for all UA Wiki editing. Here you will find information and resources with regards to content layout guidelines, text formatting guidelines and markup formatting guidelines. This page will serve mostly as an overview of the Wiki structure on the whole, as well as a primary navigation tool for drilling to the specific information required.

The goal of this project in general is to define consistency throughout the Wiki. Consistency serves a number of purposes, but the two primary reasons we should strive for consistency is that it makes all the Wiki content look nice and organized, and it makes the task of authoring and editing content far easier.

While this page is intended to be a start point for Wiki contributions, the moderation team would like to note that this is in fact a wiki, and you are not required to adhere to these guidelines. For instance, if you are a new contributor with an idea that you would like to share but are concerned with working through this, feel free to skip it all and jump right into How To Add a Wiki Article. The instructions there are the most basic that can be done (you'll not find it in the least bit difficult). While those instructions don't take into account the guidelines that are found here, please do not hesitate to leave your content based on those basics, and someone else will be more than willing to follow along to format your writing into the scope of the Wiki guidelines. For the UA Wiki's formal offering on this subject, feel free to take a moment to read the UA Wiki Contribution Statement.

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