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VTools AddIns

V-Tools: 8 useful tools for Access developers

Here is a set of tools for Access developers and users. Its name is V-Tools.
It works like an Access add-in but you need to open the file as a normal Access file in order to start the intallation.
V-Tools is available for Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and now 2010.
Old versions are still available for Access 2 and 97. It supports several languages: English, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese.

It offers 8 powerful tools:

  • Search through the whole database for a specific string
  • Internal Access Pictures with nearly 2000 Access bitmaps to apply on buttons
  • Library for your custom objects
  • Tools that enable you to change Form's colors to system colors and Windows themes
  • Search-and-replace tool for SQL Queries
  • Tools to manage Import/Exports Specifications
  • Tools to apply styles to forms and a tools that enables to save your personal Access objects into a library
  • Tools that browse all Containers and Documents DAO objects.

version 1.73 is available. It has new features and several bug fixed. You can read the change log at the V-Tools page.

Direct download:

Installation: just open the MDB or MDE file with Access, this will start the installation. The tools are available from the Tools/Extension menu.

V-Tools is an open source and free software. The viewable source of V-Tools is available at the web site skrol29.com

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