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> 3061 - Too few parameters, expected N    

Error Code: 3061
Error Source: DAO
Error Message: Too few parameters, expected <N>

In general, when DAO process a query and find a name it cannot associate with a table or other object, it assumes that the name is actually a parameter though that may not have been the author's intention to use a parameter.

The error message may return a different N depending on how many "parameters" is missing which gives you an indication of how many errors you may need to fix.


Possible Causes and Resolutions

Typo and/or Misspelling of Objects

Double check that every columns you have selected and use in filtering are correctly spelled.

Missing reference to tables or other queries

Ensure that there are tables and/or queries in the FROM clause present to satisfy all columns references in the SELECT, GROUP BY, ORDER BY.

Also, if you are using subqueries or stacking queries, verify that the subquery has the columns as part of the SELECT part so the outer query can properly reference the column from the subquery.

Incorrectly delimited with []

If you have a "[Foo]", Access will interpret this as an object reference; if you mean to pass in only a string "Foo", remove the [] delimiter to signal to Access that this should be a literal

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