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Access History

1992 – Access 1.0 table designer and referential integrity, powerful queries, flexible form designer, and report generator

Recollections of Luke Chung, President of FMS, at the launch of Microsoft Access at COMDEX November 1992. What the desktop database market was like at that time and how Access took it over by storm. Also discusses missteps by Borland (controlled 85% of the desktop database market) and how FMS become the world's leading 3rd party vendor for Access. Part of the Microsoft Access 10th Anniversary celebration in 2002. http://www.fmsinc.com/MicrosoftAccess/history

1993 – Access 1.1 Corporate Connectivity, Access Basic Programming Language. Fox Pro Integration
1994 – Access 2.0 Upsizing Wizard, Button Wizard, Crosstab Queries, AutoForms, AutoReports, ActiveX Integration
1995 – Access 95 Replication, Database Wizard, Table Analyzer Wizard, Performance Analyzer Wizard, Filter by Form, Filter by Selection, Access Basic to VBA
1997 – Access 97 Partial table replication, Programmable toolbars, Publish to Web wizard, Internet replication, Filter by Input
1999 – Access 2000 Data Access Pages v1, SQL Server Integration (ADP) v1, Unicode, New File Format. Lost Multi User Design. Conditional formatting added. Lost xBase/Jet interoperability.
2001 – Access 2002 (XP) OWC (Pivots/Charts), Polish ADP, DAP, XML. Added security prompts. Smart Tags added.
2003 – Access 2003 SharePoint IISAM, Enhanced font capabilities in SQL views, Context-based Help in SQL view, Make a local table from a linked table, View information on object dependencies, automatic error checking for common errors in forms and reports, Windows themed controls
2007 – Access 2007 ACCDB, Getting Started, Ribbon, Layout View, Quick Create, Contextual Filter/Sort, Complex Data (Multi-Value, Attachments), 12 OOB Templates, Data Source Task Pane, Grouping Pane, Publish database to SharePoint document library, Increased power in macros (embedded), Data Collection Forms, Jet privatization -> ACE, Sandbox Mode, Split Forms, Error handling in macros, AutoFormats, Date Picker, Alternating Row Colors, ACCDR extension to simulate Runtime environment, improved encryption. Free Runtime! Several features not carried over into ACCDB file format - Replication, User Level Security, Data Access Pages.
2010 – Access 2010 Backstage View, Themes, UI Effects, Improved macro designer, Increased power with macros, Data macros, Navigation Control, Improved Conditional Formatting (50 rules and Data Bars), Web Browser Control, BDC Integration, Publish to Access Services, Application Parts, Save as Template, Calculated Columns, 64 bit Access. Lost all ability to work with Data Access Pages. Lost Calendar Control.
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