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Access Queries And More

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PDF: Access Query Expressions

The accompanying file is a 9 page PDF document that contains various criteria and expression examples for use with Access Queries. The paper covers the following topics:

  • Criteria
    • Criteria for Text, Memo and Hyperlink fields
    • Criteria for Number, Currency and Autonumber fields
    • Criteria for Date/Time fields
  • Expressions
    • Arithmetic operation expressions
    • Field or Control value expressions
    • Expression Examples for Calculated Controls or Reports
    • Expressions that count, sum and average values
    • Expressions that count, sum and lookup up alues selectively by using Domain Aggregate Functions
    • Expressions that manipulate and calculate dates
    • Conditional Expressions that return one of two possible values
    • Expressions that manipulate text in a query or filter
    • Expressions that perform arithmetic operations in calculated fields
    • Expressions that manipulate and calculate with dates in calculated fields
    • Expressions that count, sum and average values by using SQL aggregate or domain aggregate functions
    • Expressions for working with fields with missing information (working with nulls)
    • Expressions that use subqueries to create a calculated field
    • Expressions that match whole or partial text values
    • Expressions that use dates in matching criteria
    • Expressions that match rows based on the result of a domain aggregate function
    • Expressions that match based on the results of subqueries
    • Expressions for use in update queries
    • Expressions used in SQL statements
    • Examples of field validation rule expressions
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