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Access Services

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Access Services allows databases to be used on the Web and makes Albert verrry, very happy.

ACCESS SERVICES Access Services is a feature of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise edition that works in conjunction with Access 2010 to allow application development to occur in the Access development environment but deployment of the application to occur thru SharePoint Access services.

Unlike the integration features between SharePoint 2007 and Access 2007, primarily a replication focused model, the deployment in Sharepoint 2010 Access Services allows for rich forms that emulate the forms and logic capability one might find in a desktop application. Forms use AJAX technology and Macros are converted within SharePoint to javascript.

Application development is done in the MS Access desktop environment using normal Access tools....the application is then deployed and compiled in SharePoint. End users of the application have no further need for Access to interact with the application. Maintenance of the application continues in Access and when the application is updated, all users via the SharePoint user interface have availability of the changed functionality.

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