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> Add a Function Library Entry (HowTo)    
Add a Function Library Entry (HowTo)

1: Create the Page

First, put the following in a new browser window:


Replace YourFunctionName with a name that is, or is similar to, the name of your function. As Table of Content entries are sorted by this name, it's recommended that you remove any prefix (such as "fn" or "f") from the name of the page.

2: Edit the Page

Presumably the page does not yet exist, in which case you will see the following:


Click the "Edit this page" link as circled. This will show you the box where you enter your article.

In the text box Type the following:







After Synopsis= type a brief description of the function and how to use it.

After YYYY-MM-DD= type the current year month and day.

Paste (or type your code after the |FunctionBody=

After the end of your code Type }} to close the template

Finally add a cross reference to the to the appropriate category, if one exists.

Here's an example of the first few lines of the edit box for an article using the Function Library Template

Image:Function Library Template.png

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