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> Article Layout Guidelines (Compact)    
Article Layout Guidelines (Compact)

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Article Layout Examples

This is a compact version of the definitive Article Layout Guidelines. Use this for a quick reference when you don't need exact information on the topics below.


Header Section

All the stuff that might come before your actual content. With the exception of the Content Type Indicator, the rest or more or less optional.

Content Type Indicator

For articles, put the the {{Article}} Content Type Template as the first line. Include subcategories as optional parameters. Example: {{Article|This Category|That Category}}

Dismbiguation Links

If the page must be disambiguated, go to the Add Your Page to an Existing Disambiguation Group how-to article and follow the instructions there. Or feel free to leave it for a moderator (we won't blame you a bit!).

Page Notifications

This page shows examples of all the page notifications commonly in use. It's easy to follow and doesn't go into a ton of detail. For complete documentation on all these, see the Heading Notifications subcategory of the Templates category.

Related Content

Provides a list of related articles. If you want to include it, see the short writeup in the Help category. It's easy.

Introductory Text

A few sentances or short paragraph of introductory text gives the article a nice feel. Keep it in summary form and don't go into detail. This will appear before the Table of Contents.

Body Section

This is where all your real content goes.


An example is here if you need it. Don't use #1 headings unless you need to, they're huge. Put a <br> tag immediately on the line before #1 and #2 headings (example). This keeps the previous content from bunching up against it (can be omitted if it's the first heading in the article).

Naming Headings

Each heading name is automatically an anchor, so please keep it short and to the point. Besides which, headings have a tendancy to look terrible if they have to wrap.

Renaming Headings

Because each heading is an anchor, we can never be sure they won't be linked to externally. If you absolutely must rename a heading, include a hidden anchor directly before the heading, named exactly what the heading was named. The anchors help page explains how to include a hidden anchor if you need it.


Finally! This is where the good stuff goes! Just a few general notes.

General Markup

You'll find yourself wanting to make links and do some minor text formatting. Aside from the toolbar at the top of the edit box, take a look at the Markup Listing help article for a quick list of common markup stuff.


Currently the [code][/code] tags are the preferred method of displaying code in the wiki. Work is in progress for formatted text within this box (such as green comments, etc).

Files & Images

Click 'Upload File' under the Toolbox menu on your right (towards the top of the page). Select your file and make note of the filename (case sensitive and no spaces!). After it's uploaded, use the [[Image:FileName.ext|Display Text]] or [[Media:FileName.ext|Display Text]] syntax to put them in your page. Further instructions on this can be found in Help:Images.

Embedded Video

See the help file: Help:Embedded Video

That's it, we're done.

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