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Compact and Repair Database over a Network


The following is a quote of Candace Tripp (UtterAngel.com) and her experience while C/Ring over a network. As this is a quote, it is locked from editing. Please use the Talk button to start a discussion if warranted.


If you compact and repair a database over the network, MOST of the time there is no problem.

HOWEVER, once in a while, when the network hiccups while Access is doing its business, the database will SEEM to have been C&R'd successfully. But then, mysteriously, things will begin happening. You will think poltergeists have taken possession of your precious database. You will C&R again and again and Access will lie to you and tell you that all is well with your world.

Objects will begin to error, e.g. you will find that you can't open forms in design mode then you can't access them at all. Same with all other objects, INCLUDING YOUR TABLES AND DATA. And each time you open this sick sick database, the problems will get worse. Eventually you will not be able to open it at all. All you will get is one of those oh-so-unhelpful Microsoft error messages. Which message you get will vary and may in fact vary to attempt to attempt.


If you take a database that you, in ignorant newbie error, HAVE C&R'd over a network, create a new database container, and one by one (I'm not kidding here) import your objects, C&Ring after each import, you can save all your hard work. After doing this, hold your nose, take the old copy of the db between finger and thumb, and gingerly throw it into the nearest Recycle Bin and empty it. Do not go back and mourn over your lost db; it is dead dead dead.

Oh, Harken to your Surrogate Access Mother, or the Angels will weep for you, for you will have lost ALL!
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