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> Create A New Disambiguation Page (HowTo)    
Create A New Disambiguation Page (HowTo)

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This HowTo article gives step by step instructions for creating a new Disambiguation Page.

Step 1: Create the Page

Create a new page that will hold all of the links. Name it according to Disambiguation Pages Naming guidelines (dab:BaseName).

Copy/paste the following lines into the new page:

|{{DABEntry|Page Title|Page Description}}
|{{DABEntry|Page Title|Page Description}}
|{{DABEntry|Page Title|Page Description}}

Step 2: Build the Link List

Replace the Page Title text with the title of your page(s). The text must be exact: this text will be converted to a link to a page, so be wary of typos and capitalization. Provide a brief description of the page by replacing the Page Description text. Descriptions are optional, but recommended. If you wish to omit the description, remove the text and the preceeding pipe ( | ), like so:

|{{DABEntry|Page Title}}

Remove any unused DABEntry lines, or add more as required.

Do not forget to include both target pages that brought the need for the disambiguation in the first place!

Save the changes to create the new page.

Step 3: Link the Target Pages

Edit each of the target pages and put the following template call at the top of the page:


Replace PageName with the name of the dab page you just created and save the page.

In addition to the notification box at the top of the page, the new Disambiguation Page should now show up in the dabpages category, and the pages you linked should show up in the Disambiguated Pages category.

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