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This page is intended as a layman's reference and FAQ to the licensing terms adapted by the UA Wiki and it's categories.

What do I have to do to use code in my project?
Keep the existing comment header in the function, module or class that links to the appropriate UA Category and CCL.

How can I improve this code entry or wiki article?
There are no special requirements for updating wiki articles. Please do so at your will. For Code contents, please update the revision block of the code and post the new version, including the orginal code header.

Can I use code from the wiki for commercial products?
Code posted in the UA Wiki is allowed to be used in commercial applications, but the code is not to be sold as a stand-alone product or part of a code compilation project. Header links to the appropriate UA Category and CCL of the original code must be maintained.

Can I redistribute this content elsewhere?
Code from the UA Wiki may be redistributed in original or altered form, so long as the function header and links to the UA Category and CCL remain. Articles from the wiki may be redistributed provided there is a link included that directs to the original UA Wiki article.

Can I add any personal attribution to my adaption?
While you are free to remix and adapt, any public redistribution requires that attribution belongs to UtterAccess Wiki and not anyone in specific. Note that the wiki software maintains a complete history of articles' revision, including the authors. If personal attribution is a concern, please post your work to the Code Archive Forum and reference it with a link in the Wiki Code Archive Category.

I want to use several functions. Do I have to copy notice for every each of function I use in my application?
While we encourage everyone to preserve the notice and insist on preserving it fully for any public redistribution, you may remove the header as long the functions are grouped together in a module and the module has header block at the beginning with the original notice.

I want to include a Code Archive Forum entry that is referenced in the wiki. Does this license apply?
This license applies only to material that is in the wiki. Treat content from Code Archive Forum as an external resource and use it as you would with any other copyrighted materials under applicable Fair Use laws. Some content of the Code Archive Forum may be present in applicable categories in the wiki, in which case you are free to use them per these licensing terms.

Creative Commons License

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