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Berfore Access 2007, controls for 'Date Picking' were limited to the current version's "Calendar Control"; which proved to be quite limited in it's scope and flexibility and posed problems when up or downscaling version-wise - OR - to custom forms with modifiable code.

With the advent of Access 2007, a date picker is now built-in and extremely easy to incorporate. If you still want a custom pop-up form, see the Access Wiki Article: Popup Calendar for 2007 and above

This article focuses on the latter with a discussion and links to such custom forms and demonstrations.


To have a pop-up control (form) automagically appear when a date field receives focus, is clicked, or is double-clicked. And when the user clicks a date, that selected date auto-populates the date field that last held focus and then auto-closes the calendar pop-up.

There is usually a bit of coding involved with these, making them tweakable to suit your specific need.


Many are the options available using a custom form pop-up for date picking. Here but a few examples . . . .

* Date Formatting
* Color Scheme
* Size of the pop-up form and controls therein
* Position on the screen of where the custom pop-up form appears.

From simple stand alone calendar forms to demos that have many types of calendar and time functions, the most comprehensive link is of a UA Search result on the word "Calendars" against just the Code Archive:

* Search Calendar

One of the simplest might well be: Another Date Picker

And on the more comprhensive side with several demos rolled into one: Time Pieces (Date/Time Pickers; Clendar Scheduler 'n' Stuff) 3

And one from the "wonder down under": Popup Calendar

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