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Debatable Content (Template Help)

The UA Wiki covers a fair amount of material which may be subject to multiple methods or viewpoints. By using a pair of Debatable templates ({{Debatable}} and {{DebatableBox}}, we can notify when a particular statement or piece of content has varying viewpoints and provide means to learn more about each method.

The Debatable Template

This template provides an inline superscript text and link to the content's DebatableBox sidebar. Example:

This is a debatable statement.{{Debatable}} This is more text after the statement.

This is a debatable statement.[debatable] This is more text after the statement.

The DebatableBox Template

This template provides a sidebar in the section where it is called and is intended to provide a brief synopsis of the debatable content as well as links to further resources.

The template accepts one unnamed parameter, which is the text to show in the sidebar. Links can be typed as normal wiki markup within the template call.

For formatting purposes, this template call must be placed after the desired section heading, and before the start of that section's text. For example, to show the sidebar floating on the right side of the text under the "Debatable Content" heading, you would use the following markup:

== Debatable Content ==

{{DebatableBox|This is the text and [[Links|links]] that will appear in the sidebar}}
This is the actual text content for the section... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque mollis sapien non lorem pharetra ut tempor sem congue. Integer ac lacus quam. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Vivamus lacus leo, iaculis ut viverra eu, vulputate in purus.

Be aware that debatable content sidebar lengths, when longer than that of the section text, will carry over into the next section. The next section header will not "wait" for the sidebar to conclude.

Linking the two Templates

The two templates automatically create a link. The Div ID of the DebatableBox is "debatable", which is the anchor that the inline debatable superscript links to. For this reason, there should only be one DebatableBox per page, though there can be numerous inline comments which link to it.

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