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How to START/RUN my First Code ?

  1. Open VBE Ac_Menu,Visual Basic Editor
  2. Insert Module VBE_Menu,Module
  3. Insert Sub (Procedure) VBE_Menu,Procedure... with Name=Test
  4. Type into Sub this Text: MsgBox "My First Sub..", vbOKOnly
  5. Save it VBE_Menu,Save Your_Database_Name
  6. Start it VBE_Menu,Run or VBE_Menu,Macros..., select Macro Name Test and then click on Run

Public Sub Test()
MsgBox "My First Sub..", vbOKOnly
End Sub

How to STOP my Code ?

  • For Code STOP (For-Ever-Loop), press CTRL+BREAK to pause execution of [running] Visual Basic code ( Microsoft Access Help (F1), Answer wizard=AllowBreakIntoCode ), DO NOT KILL your Application with Task Manager !
  • use Stop statement in the code


How to FIND/OPEN my Sub/Function/Constant Definition ?

  1. Open VBE Ac_Menu,Visual Basic Editor
  2. Open VBE_Menu,Immediate Window
  3. Type into VBE_Menu,Immediate Window some first Letters, for example: TE
  4. VBE_Menu,Complete Word (CTRL+SPACE) and choose your Sub/Function from the List..
  5. VBE_Menu,Definition

Or see Sub/Function/Constant Definition in

  1. VBE_Menu,Object Browser

How to verify my CLEANUP-Routine ?

Before procedure EXIT, check all procedure-OBJECTS, are SET to NOTHING in VBE_Menu,Locals Window

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