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If you have odd behavior, backup your database and then decompile it.

make an make a "generic" decompile icon where the next database you open will be decompiled... use this as the target:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\MSACCESS.EXE" /decompile

if your Access program is not located in the directory specified, make the appropriate substitution

the next database you open will be decompiled... you can verify this by going to the design view of any module -- Compile will not be gray, it will be available

then, Compile the database then, do a Compact/Repair


to make a Decompile icon

Find the MS Access program file

Open Windows Explorer (right-click on [Start], choose 'Explore' or 'Open Windows Explorer'

Windows XP and below

scroll to the top of the left pane

right-click on Drive C: choose --> Search

look for --> MSACCESS.EXE

Windows Vista, Windows 7

choose the root directory of C:

type MSACCESS.EXE in the search box in the upper right of the screen

go to the directory with MSACCESS.EXE

once you see where the program is located, navigate to MSACCESS.EXE using Windows Explorer

make a shortcut on your desktop

then right-click on MSACCESS.EXE and choose --> SendTo > Desktop (create shortcut)

change the icon on your desktop

then, right-click on the desktop icon you just made and choose --> Properties

  1. click on the 'Change Icon' command button -- pick something distinct like the 2 interlocking circles (one screen to the right on the top row) -- and click OK
  2. click in the Target textbox
    1. press the [End] key to move to the end of the line
    2. then, add this to the end of the target -->
  3. click OK to accept the new properties
  4. right-click on your icon again and choose Rename -- choose something like DECOMPILE

Links for more information

Decompile, Compact and Repair
Decompile or how to reduce Microsoft Access MDB/MDE size and decrease start-up times
Trigeminal Software: The real deal on the /Decompile switch

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