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Fat database

A "fat database" means using the DBEgine (.e.g, SQL Server) to do lots of the heavy processing. Liberal use of Stored Procedures for complex data-centric logic, etc.

For example, we might say "process these three or four tables on this set of IDs, and return me a dataset of the result"

Doing so in VBA would require that all data be brought across the WAN to be processed locally. Sending a list of IDs to the server, letting it process everything then returning the small resultant dataset back over the WAN is much more efficient.

The processing portion of the server is where the "fat" part comes in. The other way of saying it - thin client - is common industry lingo. In general terms, a Thin Client can be thought of like a web application.. the client has very little (the browser and some markup), and the server processes the vast majority of requests.

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