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Images (Help)

Uploading Images

Displaying an uploaded image is a three step process: Uploading the image, Naming the image, and Linking to the image.

1) Upload the image by clicking "Upload File" in the left menu toolbox:

2) Browse for the image to upload and select a destination filename. Spaces are not allowed in uploaded file names - existing spaces will be converted to underscores (shown below)
Image:Upload File Form.jpg
3) Link to the image you uploaded by using an Image Link as described on the form. Within the image link, underscores in the Wiki Filename can be replaced again with spaces.

[[Image:Upload File Form.jpg]]

The MediaWiki help page on images can be found here, however there seems to be some minor discrepancies from the content in the MediaWiki page versus the UA Wiki version.

Linking to Uploaded Non-Image Files

To place a link to a non-image file, such as a zipped example database or text file, follow the same steps show above, but use the Media namespace instead of the Image namespace in the link (as exampled in the Upload File Form screenshot).


Linking to External Images

For information on linking to images that are external to the UA Wiki, see this MediaWiki help page.

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