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Nowiki Tags (Help)

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The nowiki tag is an escape character for wiki markup. Include markup text between an opening and closing tag for it to display as typed, rather than as marked up.


Basic Usage

A simple example of the nowiki tag:

This is not <nowiki>''Italic text''</nowiki> because it's wrapped in nowiki tags

This is not ''Italic text'' because it's wrapped in nowiki tags

Using Nowiki with Templates

If you are designing or using advanced templates, be wary of using nowiki tags, as they may have unexpected results. Test the solution thoroughly before introducing it for use in the Wiki.

Showing a Nowiki Tag Pair

By default, the nowiki tags are removed during the output creation process. If you wish to display the actual tags in text, you need to work around them a bit.

Nesting a nowiki tag set has no effect, so therefore any successive opening tags before the initial opener is ignored, for processing purposes at least. However, prematurely using a closing tag can have undesired side effects. The correct syntax for displaying a pair of nowiki tags is as follows:


The trick is in the final closing nowiki tag: we are required to break the displayed closing tag with the acutal processed closing tag.

Nowiki Template

See Also: Template:Nowiki

The nowiki template exists to avoid this cumbersome markup. The syntax is considerably easier than that of the tags themselves:

{{nowiki|optional text}}

<nowiki>optional text</nowiki>
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