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Template Categories (Help)

The Template Category contains all used templates in the UA Wiki, and is further subcategorized based on content and context. This page is intended to give an overview of what the subcategories of the templates are, ultimately helping you find what you need (or want to know about) more easily.

Template Subcategories
Content Notifications Content Notifications are templates that may routinely be used under a Section Heading to make some note concerning the section content that follows. You may find these useful as you add content to the wiki.
Content Types Every UA Wiki Page is categorized into a Content Type. Articles, Help Pages, Functions, Classes, Templates, etc. The Content Type templates are called to include the minimum boilerplate requirements for each of the types, including information such as base categorization and page layout defaults. Due to the high usage and system nature of these templates, all of these are locked from editing.
Core Page Layouts Core Page Layouts are templates that are used as a basis for formatting wiki content. Such templates include those that format the Function Library and Class Library, the CCL License notifications or templates used for displaying and formatting the wiki Main Page. Due to the underlying system nature of these templates, some may be locked for editing.
Disambig Templates Disambigation templates are those defined specifically for the purpose of managing dismabiguation pages and groups. Due to the underlying system nature of these templates, some may be locked for editing.
General Content General Content templates are common templates that may be used when writing standard content in the wiki. You will find extensive use for these templates
Lead Notifications Lead Notification templates are used in the Lead Section of wiki pages to provide various page status and information at the start of a page. If you routinely create new wiki content, you will find extensive use of these templates.
Sidebars Sidebar templates are those used to create various floating sidebars in pages. You may find them useful for various applications.
Subtemplates Subtemplates are templates that are used primarily within other templates, such as {{If}} and {{Equals}}. Due to the underlying system nature of these templates, some may be locked for editing.

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