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User Contribution Guide (Help)


Quick Start How To

How To - Add a Wiki Article
How To - Add a Function Library Entry
other section HowTo's forthcoming
How To - Add an Image to your page

An Introduction to the UA Wiki

Welcome to the Utter Access Wiki. This page is dedicated to making your experience in contributing or modifying content as straightfoward and pleasurable as possible. As the wiki is divided into some separate sections, such as the Articles section and Function Library, some minor variations exist in how the pages should be managed. See the How-To for specific Categories subsection of this page for details.

Also in this page you can find a complete list of resources in wiki How-To, from basic markup syntaxes to advanced techniques such as templating and trascluding, as well as UA-specific guidelines for ensuring that your new/edited content is displayed in the appropriate Tables of Contents and Indexes.

Contribution and editing of existing articles is highly encouraged by any and all UA members. The wiki is here for all to add their "two cents" to, be it as simple as a typo edit or adding further thought on an existing article on any given subject. No wiki article is ever "complete", and the core power behind any wiki is it's users' willingness to contribute.

If you should have any further questions that this guide does not cover, please feel free to contact a wiki moderator with any questions comments or concerns (for a full list of moderators, see the Forum Moderation Team listing). Please note that our wiki moderators, as all moderators here at UA, are volunteers and give their time as they can, aside from whatever personal or career requirements they may have. If you do not receive a reply within a satisfactory amount of time, he or she may be occupied with other duties and unable to reply. In this case, please forward the message to a different moderator.


Wiki Markup (Formatting your Content)

Between a mixture of wiki markup and html tags, there's plenty that can be done to give pages an interesting look and feel. On the other hand, some of the best articles that have been written use no more than a header, a few line breaks, and a category link to put it in the Table of Contents.

You can find a basic (and perfectly acceptable) example of a page created using a very simple markup here: Help:MarkupExample

Note that Category Links are required so the article can be displayed in the correct Table of Contents. The requirements for these will vary depending on which section of the UA Wiki you are writing for, and therefore details about how to use them and where to put them can be found in the How-To for specific Categories section of this page.

A more detailed and alphabetical listing of all common markups can be found in the Markup Listing help page.

The Very Basics

Most articles are written using some combination of these elements. They are basic, easy to use, and provide a means to solidly format an article that is pleasing to read. The table below is the same that appears in the Main Page under the Quick Start Guide. More details are found in the Markup Listing (Help).

Description Markup
New Page www.utteraccess.com/wiki/Your_Page_Name
Edit Existing Page Go to the page and click 'Edit' button in top right corner
Large Header == Header Text ==
Small Header ====== Header Text ======
Internal Link [[ArticleName|DisplayText]]
External Link [www.someurl.com DisplayText]
Italic Text ''ItalicText''
Bold Text '''BoldText'''
Code Block [code]YourCodeHere[/code]
Line Break <br />
Category Links [[Category:Table of Contents]]
[[Category:Access Wiki Index]]
[[Category:Access Code Archive]]

Jazzing It Up

These markups are useful for improving the visual and functional elements of a wiki page. Most are not necessary, but feel free to use any of them to improve the look and feel of a page.

Description Markup
Attaching Files The images help page describes how to upload images as well as other file types
Colored Text [color=blue]Your Blue Text[/color]
Embedded Image See the Images help page for complete information
Escape Markup <nowiki>'''Show These Markup Characters'''</nowiki>
Indenting : Indent 1x
:: Indent 2x
::: Indent 3x
Link, Anchored [[#Subsection Name|Display Text]]
[[Page Name#Subsection Name|Display Text]]
List, Bulleted * First List Item
* Second List Item
* Third List Item
List, Numbered # One
# Two
## Two point One
# Three
Redirecting #REDIRECT [[Destination Page]]
SQL Box [sql]Your SQL Text[/sql]
Tables See help topic on Tables

Advanced Wiki Editing

Advanced markups and techniques are not used often, but should you happen to be curious please feel free. Keep in mind that heavy usage of the more advanced markups may deterr those with less wiki experience from updating a page with newer or additional content and it is therefore advised to use these markups and techniques only with specific need.

Description Markup
Behavior Switches See WikiMedia help on Behavior Switches
Magic Words See WikiMedia help on Magic Words
Parser Functions See WikiMedia help on Parser Functions
Templates See WikiMedia help on Templates
Variables See WikiMedia help on Variables

How-To for specific Categories

Each section of the UA Wiki requires that the correct category link and/or template call be made from the page to properly display the page in their respective Tables of Contents.

Wiki Articles

The UA Wiki Articles are the heart of the Wiki. Redirected pages do not contain the Table of Contents category, but they are shown in the Index. Please copy/paste the following (case sensitive) to the very top line of your wiki article for it to appear in the Table of Contents and Index:


This handles automatic Table of Content entries as well as a few other background tasks.

Function Library Entries

Function Library entries work off a different Table of Contents than the Articles do, and they require the CCL signature at the bottom of the page. For these entries, the category links have been wrapped in a template which also provides the CCL information. At the bottom of your procedure, after the code box is closed, please put this on a new line:


Alternative ways to handle Function Library entries can be found here.

Protected Content

You may occassionally encounter Protected or Semi-Protected pages. If you would like to revise or make another note on a protected page, please contact a moderator with your scenario.

For Moderator/Administrator Use

Most protected pages are closed because they are intended only for administrative use. If you feel you have need of revising these, please contact a moderator.

Previously Ported Code Archive Content

During the growth of the UA Wiki, some content was ported from the Code Archive, and the authors either could not be reached or requested that the content be locked for editing. While we have moved most of this information out of the wiki, there may be an article here or there. Please let a moderator know if you find a protected page that appears to be a leftover of this.

Terms of Use, Copyrites & Other Legal Information

The Terms of Use are the same for the UA Wiki as they are for the Forums. This information can be found at the board rules page, listed as the last item in the page: "The Legal Stuff". This covers all material entered to the wiki, regardless of it's nature.

Usage Rights for Function Library entries are through the Create Commons Licensing (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License)

Do not submit copyrighted works to the UA Wiki without permission of the Author(s). If you wish to submit copyrighted work and have obtained permission, please inform a moderator of details regarding the submission before place the content.

Other Resources

Resources for various other information regarding the UA Wiki can be found below.

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