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Introduced in Access 97, the hyperlink field type is used to store links to files on your computer (a file name), a network (a UNC name) and/or the internet (a URL address). A hyperlink can also send an email or start an FTP file transfer.


A hyperlink entry contains three parts separated by pound signs (#). The template is:

   displaytext#filename#subaddress     'subaddress' = any_reference_within_the_file

In Access 2003 and up, a hyperlink may contain up to four parts separated by the pound sign (#). The template is:


'displaytext' is the text that would be seen in the field or control

'address' is the absolute or relative path to a target document. An absolute path is a fully qualified URL or UNC path to a document.

'subaddress' is a specific location with the file or page.

'screentp' is the text that appears when the the hyperlink is hovered. (This is an optional field)

Use the Insert menu to add a hyperlink entry, and Access takes care of the three parts. Only the "display text" part of the field is shown, and clicking on the field executes the link.

You can view its full contents or edit the field by:

1.Click the attached label, to move the cursor into the hyperlink field. (If the field has no label, use the Tab key.)

2.Press F2 to edit the field. All parts of the hyperlink are displayed for editing.


Because the fourth element (screentip) is optional, it has not been included in the following examples.

Hyperlink ContentsDisplaysWhen Clicked
My Pix#c:\pix\ualogo.png#My PixLoads picture into MS Paint
Sales Data#sales.xls#Sheet 1!B2Sales DataLoads Sales spreadsheet into Excel, selecting cell B2
Do Labels#\\server\pub\labels.doc#Do LabelsLoads the network document into Word.
Edit Clients##ClientsEdit ClientsOpens Clients form in current database (no file specified)
Sales info##Query SalesSales infoRuns the Sales query in the current database *
UtterAccess#http://www.utteraccess.com#UtterAccessLoads default web browser and opens the URL.
#www.utteraccess.com#www.utteraccess.comLoads default web browser, assuming prefix of "http://"
* The word "Query" in this hyperlink is optional. However, if the current database had a form named 'Sales', Access would open the form instead of the query.
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