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> I Am Anonymous    

Anonymity as an art form

I am an anonymous user writing something of great importance.

Something of great importance!

Here it is:

Error handling is for insecure little know nothings who have no faith in their programming skills.

On error goto oops_I_don't_know why_this_happened

:oops_I_don't_know why_this_happened
MsgBox "Poop. Now what?, vbCritical, "Awesome Application"

The problem with errors is that they are wrong. Only errors that are right should be left

Actions attributed to Anonymous are undertaken by unidentified individuals who apply the Anonymous label to themselves.

The first rule of anonymity

You ain't anonymous if you're logged in.

The second rule of anonymity

You ain't anonymous if your ip address is listed.

I can neither confirm nor deny I was here. You can't prove this with absolute certainty. So there.

"Z" (Zorro was here. I didn't know he can also do Wiki.)

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