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A simple ToDo and Notes list, in no particular order/priority. Easier than keeping a text file at the house. -jl


  • API Main Page: Add demo for using the API template
  • Go through Articles and add notification boxes where applicable. Current up to and including Dynamic SQL (as of roughly May '11)
  • InfoBox for version/dependancy information on FL entries
  • Disambig pages: find out where we left off on this
  • Try to compact size of notif boxes: they take up a fair amount of screen real-estate in current configuration
  • Put together a comprehensive list of standard notif boxes: there's somewhere between half a dozen and a dozen but I don't think they're in any easy to find list
  • Tips: press ctrl+f5 to reload not from cache (true refresh, FF is ctrl+shift+r)
  • Sidebar Customization


  • FL: Periodic review of entries to see if there's an appropriate subcategory to add them to
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