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Below is a rendition of a text file that I started making up with condensed information that may be of use while porting/editing wiki pages (I got a little tired of having to navigate to six different pages to find info...). The idea was to set it up for easy copy/paste and quick reference at a glance, so please excuse the ugly format and lack of notes... feel free to add


New Pages:

-Set VerCon to In Progress
-Copy Article, format accordingly
-Set all links
-Set similar pages/redirects
-Add horizontal line and the following text:

The content of this Access Wiki article was migrated from the UtterAccess FAQA forum and cannot be edited at this time. If you are the original author and would like the article unlocked as a standard wiki article, which enables editing by others, or you are a reader and have identified errors that warrant the removal of this article, please notify the Access wiki moderators.

original article by link to original contributor's UA profile

-add one of the following:
[[Category:Access Wiki Index]] [[Category:Table of Contents]] [[Category:Access FAQ]]
[[Category:Access Wiki Index]] [[Category:Table of Contents]] [[Category:Access Code Archive]]
[[Category:Access Wiki Index]] [[Category:Table of Contents]] [[Category:Access Tutorials]]

-Protect the doc (sysops only)
-Set VerCon to Complete


Internal Link: [[Name_Of_Page|Display Text]]

External Link: [http://someurl Display Text]

Image: [[File:wiki.png|thumb|alt=Alternative Text|Caption]]

Catagory [[Category:Category name]]

Redirects: #REDIRECT [[Target Page]]

Attachments [[media:filname.ext]]

Internal Anchor [[#See Also]] [[Help:Images#See also]]

Embedded Vids {{#ev:servicename|vidID}}

[[Category:Access Wiki Index]] [[Category:Table of Contents]] [[Category:forum name]]



'''''bold & italic'''''

[color=blue] [/color]
[code] [/code]
[codebox] [/codebox]
[sql] [/sql]

==Lvl2 Heading==

Bulleted Lists:
**Two point One

Numered Lists:
##Two point One

Normal (no indent)
:Indent 1
::Indent 2
:::Indent 3


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