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Productivity Tips

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The list of productivity tips is a work in progress. The information is accurate to the best of our knowledge when written. Please add your own tips and links to the list. If you are aware of errors in the version or other information please make the correction or ask a moderator to make the change.

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Einstein is credited with defining insanity as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Brainy Quote. A worthy corollary might be put this way: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over when there are ways to avoid the needless repetition." A second corollary might be, "Insanity is wasting time doing things inefficiently when there are more efficient ways to do the same thing."

Productivity Tips are solutions that Access developers have discovered to avoid wasting time needlessly repeating the same steps over and over and efficient solutions that can take the place of the inefficient ways and practices that you may now be using. On this page you will find brief descriptions and links to detailed explanations of techniques that other developers have found and devised to make their development time more efficient and effective.

Productivity Tips

Description Link Access Version
Create a custom blank database Jump Start New Database Projects with a Template 2003 - 2010
Create default Form and Report Templates Form and Report Templates 2003 - 2010
Calling XML Web Services Using XML Web Services 2003 - 2010
Create a decompile shortcut Decompile 2003 - 2010
Use Virtual Machines when working with multiple versions of Access Virtual Machine all
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