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Setting Focus to a Specific Ribbon Tab (A2007 on)

You can set focus onto a ribbon tab using VBA code in all versions of Access from A2007 onward;
for A2010 and later there is a built in function that allows you to change tabs (objRibbon.Activate "TabID"),
Access 2007 requires using the SendKeys Command; however the WSscript.shell method should prevent the known sendkeys problems

This wiki function can be added to a code module, and can be used with A2007 as well as later versions.

1. Changes to the ribbon XML
Add a screen tip for each Ribbon Tab, the screen tip must be "H1", "H2", "H3" etc.
The first character must be 'H' and subsequent characters numbers e.g.

<  tab id="tabFile" label="File" keytip="H1" >

2. Code function
Add this code function to a module


Public Function fSetRibTab(strTabTip As String, strTabID As String)

Dim selRib  As Object

Select Case CCur(Application.Version)
Case Is < 12
   'Exit if pre-ribbon version!
   MsgBox "Ribbbon functions are not available in this version of Access.", vbExclamation, "Set Ribbon Tab"
   Exit Function
Case Is < 13
   Set selRib = CreateObject("WScript.shell")
   selRib.SendKeys strTabTip
   Set selRib = Nothing

Case Else
   objRibbon.ActivateTab strTabID

End Select

End Function

NOTE: Replace 'objRibbon' in the above code with your custom ribbon pointer for the ribbon.

3. To set focus to a specific tab
Call the function as: (e.g.) fSetRibTab "%H1%", "tabFile"
Note specifically the use of '%' delimiting the screentip value

The above code is based on Avelino Sampio's suggested solution which inspired me to create the function.

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