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> SetAllAutocorrectsOff    

This function loops through each control of each form in the current database and sets the controls' AllowAutocorrect property to False (default is True). This is useful if you do not wish any autocorrect functionality in any of your forms. The function can be easily enough adapted to take an exception list or to work on a form-specific basis rather than on the AllForms collection. Add error handling as required.


Public Function SetAllAutoCorrectsOff() As Boolean

 Dim frm As Form
 Dim ctl As Control
 Dim i As Integer

 'make sure all forms are closed
 If Forms.Count <> 0 Then
   For i = 0 To Forms.Count - 1
     DoCmd.Close acForm, Forms(i).Name, acSaveYes
 End If
 For i = 0 To CurrentProject.AllForms.Count - 1
   DoCmd.OpenForm CurrentProject.AllForms(i).Name, acDesign
   For Each ctl In Forms(CurrentProject.AllForms(i).Name).Controls
     'if it's a control or textbox set the autocorrect property to false
     If (ctl.ControlType = acTextBox) Or (ctl.ControlType = acComboBox) Then
       ctl.AllowAutoCorrect = False
     End If
   Next ctl
   DoCmd.Close acForm, CurrentProject.AllForms(i).Name, acSaveYes
 Next i
End Function

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